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PRO250 New For 2009
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The all New Tri-Amped PRO250 kicks out 250 thundering watts. 150 watts drive the heavy duty 10" Eminence Speaker. 50W drives the Heavy Duty 4" mid frequency driver, and 50W (with active Crossover) drives the Super-Tweeter with its own Horn- Level Volume Control for precise settings of the harmonics and high-end Sizzle.

The PRO-250 features two independent channels, each with volume and active EQ along with independent, 24 bit digital EFX processors, producing studio quality reverbs, delays, and chorus effects. And there's the auxiliary Stereo input for MP3, tape/CD player, drum machine, and other devices. Plus 3 balanced direct XLR outs, 3 line outs, and 2 EFX loops. Even Global Ground Lift to eliminate ground-loop hum.

Go to a great review of the PRO250 at:
Acoustic Guitar magazine's Review
or in pdf format:
Acoustic Guitar magazine's Review.pdf

Also, enjoy this video.

And here you can see how the PRO250 comes to you.



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PRO-250 High points:
  1. 250 watts of acoustic power
  2. Special tri-amp design for even response over the full audio frequency range
  3. 10" high powered full range driver, powered by 150 watts
  4. 4" midrange driver, powered by 50 watts
  5. High frequency “supertweeter” with active crossover, powered by 50 watts. The Supertweeter has its own volume control for extended versatility with many different instruments.
  6. 3 Line outs
  7. 3 Direct outs
  8. 2 Effects loops
  9. Global Ground Lift, which lifts the ground from pin 1 of the XLR jacks and the sleeve of the 1/4" jacks to break any ground loops between the PRO and a PA system.
  10. Dual “On-board” digital effects processors. (One for each channel)
  11. Auxiliary “Stereo” input for MP3 or tape player
  12. Heavy duty 16 ga. Steel chassis
  13. Plywood cabinet with heavy duty tolex covering, metal corner protectors, and heavy duty rubber feet