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The AG-30 has been the best selling compact acoustic amp on the market for the last 5 years. The AG-30 has the pro quality tone and workmanship that all Ultrasound amps are famous for. Don't let it's compact size fool you, the AG-30 has plenty of power for small venues and with it's Line/Direct outs, it can easily be patched into a sound system for larger venues. If you want a pro quality amp, with pro quality tone and an amp you will be able to enjoy for years, buy an Ultrasound AG-30.

AG-30 Control Panel

AG-30 Control Panel



HEADPHONES: This jack provides a stereo signal to drive headphones. The use of this jack will disengage the amplifiers internal speaker.

INPUT: Input designed for Instrument level (1/4") signals.

EFX SEND: Output for supplying signals to external low-level effects or signal processing equipment.

EFX RETURN: Input for returning signals from external low-level effects or signal processing equipment

VOLUME: Controls the overall volume of the amp.

BASS: Adjusts the amount of cut or boost in the low frequency range.

TREBLE: Adjusts the amount of cut or boost in the high frequency range.

NOTCH FILTER HZ: Provides selectable frequency shift of the 18db cut NOTCH FILTER from 100Hz - 350Hz to eliminate resonant feedback.

NOTCH FILTER ON/OFF: -This toggle switch enables or disables the notch filter control.

SHAPE ON/OFF: This toggle switch enables or disables the SHAPE control. The shape control is a mid dip control. In the on position the mid frequencies will be cut and the high and low frequencies will be boosted. .

POWER: This rocker switch turns the AC power On and Off. When on the pilot light is illuminated to indicate the unit is ready for play.

AG-30 Back Panel

AG-30 Back Panel AC INPUT: Connect the female end of the AC line cord here. Connect the male plug to a suitable source of line voltage. Refer to the voltage information on the back of the amplifier for its voltage and current requirements. This connector also acts as the main fuse holder and includes a compartment for a spare fuse.

LINE OUT: This jack provides an unbalanced out put from the preamp that is post eq and post efx. This send can be used to feed a signal to a recording or sound reinforcement mixer. Additionally this output can be used to drive a slave amp such as the ULTRASOUND AG-50E.

DIRECT OUT: This XLR jack provides a balanced output signal that is post eq, used to feed recording or sound reinforcement equipment.